Rubber tradition since 1871

ContiTech History

Rubber tradition since 1871
  1. 1871

    Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie is founded in Hanover. Production of technical rubber products and medical articles launched. Pneumatic tires for bikes and rubber hot water bottles become classics of their kind.

    Erstes Continental Werk
  2. 1900

    The first German airship LZ 1 uses Continental’s balloon material to seal its gas bags.

  3. 1909

    Louis Blériot becomes first to fly the English Channel. His plane has coated fabrics from Continental on wings and fuselage.

    Louis Blériot
    Louis Blériot
  4. 1923

    Continental makes endless drive belts for first time.

    Endloser Antriebsriemen
    Endloser Antriebsriemen
  5. 1930

    The GOLD SNAKE® – now one of the world’s leading water and cleaning hoses – makes its market debut.

    GOLDSCHLANGE® seit 1930
    GOLDSCHLANGE® seit 1930
  6. 1932

    Continental markets a range of rubber-to-metal-bonded products under the Continental SCHWINGMETALL® brand name. It is the basis of vibration- and noise-damping engine suspension.

  7. 1955

    Continental, and others, pioneer use of air suspension in commercial vehicles.

  8. 1956

    Revolutionary steel cord conveyor belts from Continental make transport of lignite coal much more efficient.

    Stahlseilfördergurt im Einsatz
  9. 1961

    For the first time in a production car, Continental drive belts are used in place of chains to drive the cam shaft.

    GLAS 04-Serie
  10. 1963

    The world’s first floating hose is unveiled.

  11. 1969

    Continental markets completely new printing blankets with a compressible layer (CONTI AIR®). Through to the present day, this brand has remained the world market leader.

  12. 1971

    Europe’s largest technical hose manufacturing facilities are set up at the plant in Korbach, Hesse.

  13. 1982

    Continental develops the first four-corner air suspension for passenger cars (VW Passat).

  14. 1987

    With the CONTI ASYMFLEX, Continental presents a worldwide patented hydraulic hose with asymmetrical braiding.

  15. 1991

    The technical products division is reorganized under the all-embracing ContiTech brand.

    ContiTech (Logo 1991)
  16. 1993

    Benecke-Kaliko emerges on scene as world's leading manufacturer of soft trim materials for vehicle interiors.

  17. 1995

    A silicon rubber is developed for the outer layer of the expedition suit worn by Greenland explorer Robert Peroni. The material remains flexible at temperatures as low as minus 85°C and guarantees complete freedom of movement.

    Robert Peroni
    Robert Peroni
  18. 2001

    Phoenix Compounding Technology (PCT) is founded. Today it stands as a leading specialist in the development and manufacture of innovative rubber compounds.

    Phoenix Compounding
  19. 2002

    The first demonstration run of the Transrapid takes place in Shanghai – with air springs from ContiTech.

  20. 2004

    The merger of ContiTech and Phoenix creates the world's largest specialist for rubber and plastics technology outside the tire sector.

  21. 2005

    Launch of series application of TEPEO 2®, the lightweight material for vehicle interiors.

    TEPEO 2® Folien
    TEPEO 2® Folien
  22. The Gigabox, a unique system for rolling stock consisting of an axle box and a hydraulic spring, makes possible maintenance intervals of 1 million kilometers.

  23. ContiTech develops a heatable hose line module for commercial-vehicle SCR technology.

    SCR-Technologie für Nutzfahrzeugen
    SCR-Technologie für Nutzfahrzeugen
  24. 2008

    The car of the future operates with ContiTech drive, interior, suspension and fluid technology solutions that ensure sustained mobility.

    ContiTech Lösungen im Auto
    ContiTech Lösungen im Auto
  25. 2009

    ContiTech buys the Serbian conveyor belt company Univerzal Kolubara.

  26. 2010

    ContiTech puts into operation a new state-of-the-art facility in Changshu, China, for development, production, sales and administration.

    ContiTech Lösungen im Auto
    ContiTech Lösungen im Auto
  27. The Conveyor Belt Group business unit takes over a Metso Minerals factory in Moers.

  28. ContiTech opens a new production facility in Ponta Grossa, Brazil, for textile and steel cord conveyor belts.

  29. 2011

    The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group acquires the conveyor belt operations of Tianjin Xinbinhai Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China.

  30. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group acquires the Australian trading company M.I.R.S. (Mining Industrial Resource Supplies) in Perth.

    ContiTech Australia Pty. Ltd.
  31. 2012

    ContiTech Vibration Control GmbH acquires the molded brake components operations of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, in Weinheim, Germany.

  32. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group strengthens its industrial business with special conveyor belts, and takes over the British company Specialised Belting Supplies Ltd, Thetford.

    Die ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group stärkt ihr Industriegeschäft
    Die ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group stärkt ihr Industriegeschäft
  33. ContiTech Fluid Technology builds a competence center for plastic lines in Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA.

  34. ContiTech Fluid Technology takes over the automotive A/C line operation of the U.S. company Parker Hannifin Corporation, based in Collierville, Tennessee. It is one of the biggest acquisitions in ContiTech’s history.

  35. ContiTech opens a new plant for rubber compounds in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

  36. ContiTech Fluid Technology invests in a new plant for air-conditioning and power-steering lines in Kaluga (Russia).

    Neues Werk für Klima- und Servoleitungen
    Neues Werk für Klima- und Servoleitungen
  37. 2013

    ContiTech Vibration Control opens a new R&D center for mounting and vibration control technology in China.

  38. A new plant producing hoses for use in oil production and gas extraction is built in Brazil.

  39. ContiTech Fluid Technology invests several million euros in a new hose plant in Cerkezköy, Turkey.

  40. In Subotica, north Serbia, a production plant for hose lines is inaugurated after a construction time span of just nine months.

    Produktionsstätte für Schlauchleitungen
    Produktionsstätte für Schlauchleitungen
  41. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group expands its North American business, and takes over the conveyor belt manufacturer Legg Company Inc., in Halstead, Kansas.

    Die ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group baut ihr Nordamerikageschäft aus
    Die ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group baut ihr Nordamerikageschäft aus
  42. ContiTech Vibration Control expands its plant in Dolné Vestenice, Slovakia.

  43. The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group takes over the conveyor belt operation of the Finnish company Metso Corporation, Helsinki.