Environmental Management

Process Optimization – Ecologically Sound, Economically Viable

We believe it is important to gradually reduce the environmental impact of our production facilities. We aim to further reduce our energy and water consumption and waste production in future.

We fulfill our commitment to climate protection in many ways. We are focusing on reducing harmful CO2 emissions by improving products and manufacturing processes. Our goals for CO2 emissions are ambitious: we intend to reduce emissions from our manufacturing processes by a total of 20% by the year 2012. Furthermore, we are working on reducing the emission of other gases that have a negative impact on the climate, such as gases from air conditioning systems. We are also driving forward the use of renewable raw materials, such as natural rubber and plant-based oils. This saves resources and, in this way, contributes to climate protection. We focus all our activities on European and global environmental policies.

Our environmentally conscious behavior is based on our environmental guidelines. They define obligatory requirements and give recommendations for environmental protection. These guidelines apply to every plant and are integrated in the plant procedures by the persons responsible for environmental protection and the environmental management system. The plant management is responsible for the adherence to and implementation of all statutory requirements and the environmental guidelines. This is checked regularly by internal audits.

Our environmental management also incorporates environmental protection information from our suppliers. We integrate them in a practical and comprehensive evaluation system which we constantly update. We have currently integrated about 900 supplier locations. Potential new suppliers are initially subjected to detailed scrutiny with regard to the issues of energy consumption, product packaging, tidiness and cleanliness in production, safety data sheets for the product, environmental certification and emergency management at the plant etc. We take these consideration one step further by recommending our suppliers to obtain similar environmental details from their suppliers, i.e. our sub-suppliers.

ContiTech – Environmental Management
Seamless heat insulation at ContiTech – thanks to the flexible Conti® Thermo-Protect system

Seamless heat insulation at ContiTech – thanks to the flexible Conti® Thermo-Protect system