Innovative drive solutions

for industrial applications

In the Industry market segment we develop innovative power transmission belts and implement customerspecific drive solutions for industrial original equipment. Our application-focused testing technology backs up the product development process and protects resources and the environment.

Research and Development

In accordance with the requirements of industry we draw up the economic and environmental performance parameters demanded by the market for V-belts, multiple V-ribbed belts and timing belts in order to maximise performance, technical design, safety and convenience.

Material technology and design

We use the synergies available within the corporation to achieve our drive solutions with their sophisticated material technology and design, opening up almost unlimited scope for machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Logistics and services

Belts in some 18,000 sizes and types, effective sales organizations and distribution partners worldwide with whom we have worked for many years: this is how ContiTech guarantees to deliver the best solutions for customer-specific problems based on collaborative partnership.

Environmental and quality management

Certificated to QS 9000, ISO 14001 and EN ISO 9001, we operate R&D, testing and manufacturing facilities at a number of locations around the world.

Innovative Antriebslösungen für industrielle Anwendungen